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Waterless Car Wash
1x 750ml Spray bottle of Waterless Car Wash
x Microfibre Towel


 The new, waterless, way to wash and polish your vehicle. Forget the hosepipe, bucket, sponge and chamois leather. 
 Waterless Car Wash is a revolutionary new way to wash your car, van, motorcycle, caravan.
 It uses no water and makes no mess, so you can use it outside or in the garage. It is quick and easy. Just one application cleans and polishes your vehicles to a gleaming showroom finish
 Removes dirt and grime in minutes

 You simply spray on, gently wipe in and allow to dry for a few seconds or minutes (depending on the temperature) then wipe off with a second clean cloth.  

 Waterless Car Wash iseasy to use, it's easy on the environment too as it saves around 100 litres of water every time you wash your car and stops harmful soaps and suds entering the water system.
1 bottle of Waterless Car wash will clean your car 6-10 times and will take car of a motorbike atleast 25-30 times.

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