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Fog Proof Wax
 FOG PROOF WAX is a hydrophillic polymer that minimises surface tension, resulting in a non-scattering film of water instead of the droplets and "mist" that obstruct our vision. Fog off wax prevents fogging and condensation on visors, goggles, mirrors, car windows, scuba masks, glass and plastics. FOG PROOF WAX comes in a wide mouth 10ml pot with a screw top lid that should last around 7 months on a motorcycle visor, depending on weather and usage. Perfect to put in your pocket or keep in a bag. Popular product currently on sale in two local shops and doing very well!!

- Prevents fogging and condensation
- Cleans and removes dirt and grime
- Stops streaking
- Non - toxic
- Non - irritant
- Easy to use

This advanced Anti Fog Wax formula STOPS flogging and condensation on glass and plastics including: Bathroom mirrors, Motorcycle visors and goggles, car windows, glasses and sunglasses, paintball masks, scuba goggles, anything you can think of that fogs up.

FOG PROOF WAX apply a very small amount of wax to the surface that you wish to protect, rub in and buff away the residue, breath on the surface to check you have applied correctly.
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